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Asset recovery and office holder claims

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Southampton +44 (0)2381 511 511


At Tennyson counsel are frequently engaged to advise and represent officeholders in their task of recovering assets for creditors in both corporate and individual insolvency.

The task of recovering assets for the insolvent estate can involve many areas of chancery and commercial law such as –

and we have the breadth of experience necessary to assist you.

Our Counsel also have much experience in dealing with cases where there is a dispute between the insolvent estate and prosecuting authorities having the benefit of an external confiscation order obtained otherwise than in England and Wales. Also in dealing with cases of civil fraud and proceeds of crime whether it be by dishonest assistance or knowing receipt of property.

We aim to find the legal and commercial solution which is in the best interest of the client and which is cost effective for the client. We can put together a team of barristers, and act quickly where required.

To assist you in your choice of advocate please refer to our barrister pages for our barrister profiles, and make use of the short list facility and enquiry form.

The following members of Chambers may be engaged for asset recovery and office holder claims cases namely –

Susan Brown.

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Our telephone number in Southampton United Kingdom is +44 (0) 2381 511511.

For clients wishing to have a conference in London United Kingdom then please dial the London UK appointments number of +44 (0)203 407 0047.

Alternatively, you may email