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Professional negligence

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Whether you are a defendant or a claimant professional negligence proceedings are upsetting for all parties concerned. Even if claims for professional negligence fail it can leave irreparable reputational damage to the professional, and an atmosphere of mistrust between the parties may pervade a dispute. The cost of litigating a High Court professional negligence case can be very substantial involving complex issues of fact and law, and heavy documentation on all sides (including expert reports) which may have accrued over many years prior to the commencement of any proceedings.

At Tennyson we have experienced mediation barristers who can be engaged to help and assist in professional negligence claims whether you are seeking to mediate a claim in –

  • Surveyors negligence.
  • Solicitors negligence.
  • Engineers negligence.
  • Accountants negligence.
  • Professional trustee’s negligence.
  • Valuer’s negligence.
  • Other professional negligence.

Mediation offers an opportunity for the parties to explore settlement, and find the key issues in the dispute. As mediators we are here to assist all parties to resolve their dispute at a reasonable and proportionate cost, and to assist in finding a commercial settlement which all parties will be confident about and will find satisfactory. This, from time to time, may involve giving parties a reality check about their case.

Where one party carries professional indemnity insurance different considerations may apply as to the insured and the commerciality of defending a case to trial for the insurer. Factors which can be considered whilst settlement of the dispute is explored in mediation to reach a commercial solution between the parties.

To assist you in your choice of mediator from Tennyson please refer to our mediator pages for our mediator profiles, and make use of the short list facility, enquiry form and book an appointment page.

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