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Claims against directors and office holders

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Counsel at Tennyson Chambers have a wealth of experience in dealing with claims against directors and officeholders made within the insolvency process.

If, as a director, you face a claim for a preference, transaction at an under value, misfeasance, a claim that there has been a transaction defrauding creditors or that assets have been hidden, or an allegation that an insolvency offence has been committed then we are able to provide you with relevant legal advice upon your case as well as fearless advocacy/ representation in court. Please refer to our barrister pages and barrister profile pages to choose your counsel and use our shortlist facility and enquiry form.

If, as a director you are subject to director’s disqualification claims under the Director’s Disqualification Act 1986 from regulators then our counsel has many years of experience in dealing with this area of the law. Cases have included heavy director’s disqualification proceedings seeking years of disqualification in the higher bracket of disqualification orders which were successfully defended.

If you are a director who is the subject of criminal charges under the Director’s Disqualification Act 1986, then again, we can assist as our Head of Chambers has previous experience of successfully defending a client charged under section 11 of the Company Directors Disqualification Act 1986.

If you are an officeholder against which a claim has been made of

  • misfeasance or
  • commission of insolvency offences under the Insolvency Act 1986;
  • professional negligence.

then again, we can assist in your defence by providing, upon instruction, first class legal advice and representation in court.

The following members of Chambers may be engaged for insolvency and restructuring work involving claims against directors namely –

Susan Brown.

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