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Disrepair claims

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Counsel at Tennyson Chambers have a wealth of successful experience of many years in dealing with disrepair and/or possession claims both in the context of residential and commercial leases. Such cases vary in their severity and quantum and frequently involve the need for expert opinion and valuation evidence. We have frequently dealt with the cross examination of expert surveyors (all types), structural engineers, and valuers in the context of disrepair claims, and cross examined expert witnesses on lengthy disrepair Scott Schedules.

Our clients have included major FTSE 100 companies, local authorities including some London Boroughs, as well as large estate owning companies and smaller landlords and tenants. Cases have included both disrepair on short and long leases, possession, and terminal disrepair claims at the expiration of a lease. Also, the successful experience of our counsel extends to housing disrepair claims under assured shorthold tenancies, assured tenancies, and secure tenancies within the context of the Housing Acts 1985, 1988, 1996, 2004 and Defective Premises Act 1972 as relevant.

We also deal with class actions by groups of long lease holders in blocks of flats who can then share the legal costs of bringing class action proceedings for damages for disrepair.

We accept both privately funded clients on public access or through their solicitor, and legally aided clients through a solicitors firm with a housing franchise from the Legal Aid Agency. We can provide advice and representation on all cases up to trial or further hearing and any appeal thereafter.

To assist you in your choice of advocate please refer to our barrister pages for our barrister profiles, and our mediators pages. Please make use of the short list facility, enquiry form, and book an appointment page. Please set out your query.

The following members of Chambers may be engaged for Landlord and Tenant – disrepair claims namely –

Susan Brown.

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