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Wills, Estates & Family Provision

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At Tennyson our Counsel have recent experience in advising and representing the executors and administrators of deceased’s estates and in applications under the Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependants) Act 1975 (“Inheritance Act”).

Tennyson Counsel accept instructions both from members of the public under the public/direct access scheme, and from solicitors on behalf of their clients who are either making or defending a claim. If you are using the public access scheme, please refer to our public access pages on this site for further details of the scheme.

We can provide you with legal advice on will provisions, validity of wills, trusts, executor and administrator duties and liabilities, grant of probate or letters of administration, donates mortis causa, interpretation of wills, the law of intestacy, settlements, Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependants) Act 1975 claims, and court disputes connected with these areas.

Our Head of Chambers most recent reported case on will validity is Markou and Others v Goodwin and others [2014] WLTR 605. A dispute between executors of a will and the beneficiaries of the will about the testamentary capacity of the deceased and whether the dementia suffered by the deceased shortly before her death was sufficient to invalidate a will (also made shortly before her death) in favour of a carer. A 6 day High Court trial with several witnesses.

Inheritance Act claims have include advising adult children, children, divorced spouses and spouses on rights and prospect of success in making a claim on the deceased’s estate under the Act.

We aim to provide a first class and responsive legal advice service to clients. To assist you in your choice of barrister please refer to our barrister pages for our barrister profiles. Please make use of the short list facility to help choose your barrister, our enquiry form and the book an appointment facility

Please also look at our mediators, and their profiles if you wish to choose a mediator and the shortlist facility can be used too.

Members of Tennyson practising in Wills estates and family provision are –

Susan Brown.

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For more information about our members and services please contact us.

Our telephone number in Southampton United Kingdom is +44 (0) 2381 511511.

For clients wishing to have a conference in London United Kingdom then please dial the London UK appointments number of +44 (0)203 407 0047.

Alternatively, you may email