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Property related professional negligence

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The negligence of a legal conveyancing professional, surveyor, valuer, or structural engineer can leave a property owner with significant losses as well as potentially making the property owner, whether commercial or residential, liable to third parties. Issues of duty of care, breach of duty, causation, quantification, and remoteness of loss and damage may involve complex issues of fact and law, and potentially lengthy proceedings if no settlement is found between the parties.

At Tennyson we advise and represent individuals and companies, whether as defendants or claimants, on property related professional negligence including, but not limited to, contractual and tortious duties, damages, whether there is any contributory negligence, indemnification, part 20 proceedings, and whether proprietary remedies are available.

Cases have, for example, included where a conveyancing professional failed to notify a building/developer company of a legal right of way which ran through a building plot for 12 houses. The beneficiary of the easement issued proceedings after the 12 houses had been constructed and sold leaving the builder/developer open to third party claims from the house owners in addition to the owner of the legal easement.

Where a party holds professional indemnity insurance this can lead to different considerations for a defendant as the commerciality of the insurers point of view is brought to bear on a case.

We can accept instructions from members of the public under the public access scheme where the case is suitable for public access (please see our public access pages) and from solicitors or other professionals.

To assist you in your choice of barrister please refer to our barrister pages for our barrister profiles. Please make use of the short list facility to choose your barrister, and contact us on our enquiry form and book an appointment facility. At Tennyson we are also able to help you mediate your dispute – please refer to our mediator’s page for further details.

Members of Tennyson practising in Real Estate – property related professional negligence are –

Susan Brown.

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