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Lending transactions and securities

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Southampton +44 (0)2381 511 511


At Tennyson our barristers have advised and acted on behalf of banks, financial institutions, large FTSE companies, and smaller property owners alike in respect of secured lending transactions and securities.

We provide fearless advocacy and representation to those who seek to repossess secured property, and to those who are seeking to defend a possession claim by their mortgagee or charge holder. We also advise and represent receivers appointed under the Law of Property Act 1925 who are seeking to realise property on behalf of their charge holder(s) to satisfy the latter’s security.

Counsel at Tennyson have many years of experience in this area of work, and can provide first class advice and advocacy to assist you in either making or defending your claim. Cases have included –

  • mortgagee repossession claims by banks and financial institutions and charge holders.
  • validity of loan agreements and loan contracts.
  • advising on the terms of and validity of charges.
  • equity of redemption.
  • construction of charges and loan agreements.
  • property fraud.
  • land registration of charges.
  • drafting mortgage deeds and charges.
  • priority of charges.
  • equitable accounting.
  • defences of undue influence, misrepresentation, duress, and estoppel.

To assist you in your choice of barrister please refer to our barrister pages for our barrister profiles. Please make use of the short list facility to choose your barrister, our enquiry form, and book an appointment facility. At Tennyson we are also able to help you mediate your dispute. Please refer to our mediator’s page.

Members of Tennyson practising in Real Estate – lending transactions and securities are –

Susan Brown.

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For more information about our members and services please contact us.

Our telephone number in Southampton United Kingdom is +44 (0) 2381 511511.

For clients wishing to have a conference in London United Kingdom then please dial the London UK appointments number of +44 (0)203 407 0047.

Alternatively, you may email