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Please find below recent news about Tennyson Chambers generally.

Season’s Greetings

Posted: 23rd December 2022

Wishing all our clients and Instructing Solicitors greetings of the season, and a very happy Christmas.

Death of Queen Elizabeth II and national mourning.

Posted: 10th September 2022

Our deepest sympathies and condolences are extended to all members of the British Royal Family on the death of our soveriegn Queen Elizabeth II.

Members of Tennyson Chambers will be observing the period of national mourning for the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

It has been anounced that the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II will take place at Westminster Abbey London UK at 11 a.m. GMT on 19th September 2022. Also that this day will be a bank holiday. Chambers will be closed on this day, but open on all other working days.

God save the King!

Sesca conference at Reading University on 8th to 9th September 2022

Posted: 28th August 2022

The Head of Chambers, Susan Brown, will be giving a talk at the above conference to insolvency practitioners and solicitors entitled “Cross Border Insolvency post Brexit”. The talk will give a brief overview of the current state of cross border insolvency law and the practical aspects of insolvency practitioners gaining recognition in other jurisdictions post Brexit.

Covid Pandemic – latest chambers news

Posted: 1st June 2021

Chambers is open for business during the Covid 19 pandemic and we are operating our normal weekday office hours of 08:30 to 18:00 Monday to Friday save for bank holidays when we are closed. Our barristers are exercising social distancing in the conduct of their work, using covid safe secure measures such as face masks where required, and our barristers are available for client conferences by video link. Court hearings are being conducted as directed by the court.

Statutory declarations and members voluntary liquidations.

Posted: 1st May 2020

Under the current temporary practice direction supporting the insolvency practice direction a statutory declaration in support of a solvent winding up may be sworn using a video link i.e. virtually and the fact that it is sworn using a video link shall not by itself be regarded as causing substantial injustice to invalidate the relevant insolvency proceedings (see paragraph 9 of the temporary practice direction which is in force until 1st October 2020).

Coronavirus Pandemic – updates

Posted: 2nd April 2020

As a result of the Covid 19 pandemic and the subsequent quarantine lock down in the United Kingdom and elsewhere there are important changes to the way that the English Courts are working. The High Court is following its contingency planning and is conducting its hearings mainly by video link on Skype for Business. You do not need special software to engage in a video link hearing as the Clerk of the Court will provide a link to enter the video hearing on Skype for Business if you contact him or her. In the County Court applications are being conducted in the main by way of telephone hearings though it is advisable to check well beforehand which method of hearing i.e. video or telephone is to be adopted for each case. Some Courts have closed temporarily whilst others are open fully or not open to the public but staffed with a Judge and court staff with suitable social distancing measures in place. The default position is that unless it is imperative to have a hearing in person the above two methods will be adopted. Guidance is changing on a daily basis and further information may be found by clicking here.

Covid 19 pandemic

Posted: 15th March 2020

Tennyson Chambers is open for business during the Covid 19 pandemic during our normal trading hours of 8.30 a.m. to 6.00 p.m Monday to Friday. Our barristers are now working from home as required by the UK Government Guidance during the Covid 19 pandemic. To facilitate social distancing and in the interest of health and safety all our client conferences are now taking place by video link. We are still able to provide legal advice and representation for court hearings in England and Wales which are still taking place either by video link or by telephone as the court directs. Please provide your papers and/or trial bundles in an electronic format and not by post or DX. If your legal matter falls within one of our practice areas on our web site then do please get in touch for our legal assistance. If your business is experiencing any insolvency problems and you need legal advice then again do contact our insolvency specialists using or the contact form on our web site.

Chambers Membership of the Serious Fraud Office Review Panel of Counsel.

Posted: 6th December 2017

Tennyson is proud to announce that in August 2017 Chambers was elected to the Serious Fraud Office Review Panel of Counsel for a further period of 4 years from 2017 to 2021.

Individual membership of the Serious Fraud Office Review Panel of Counsel

Posted: 6th December 2017

Tennyson is also proud to announce that Miss Susan Brown was also elected, as an individual, to the Serious Fraud Office Review Panel of Counsel for the same period.


Posted: 6th December 2017

Tennyson Chambers wishes to expand in 2022 by the recruitment of suitably qualified established practitioners, and welcomes applications which meet the application criteria.

Please see our Join us page for further details as to how and where to send your application

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