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Anti-Bribery and Corruption

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Southampton +44 (0)2381 511 511


Whether you are a –

  • FTSE 100 company;
  • a financial institution;
  • an SME;
  • a listed organisation;
  • or an individual,

bribery and corruption and civil fraud in the business environment can have devastating effects on the profits of an organisation or individual as well as their reputation in business, and as a joint venture partner. It may affect the ability of an organisation to carry on trading.

Globalisation of companies means the ability, even in an electronic world, to supervise overseas sales office representatives and their activities can be impaired.

At Tennyson our barristers, when instructed, can provide –

  • civil legal expertise to help you combat/prevent bribery and corruption in your organisation;
  • assist you with the non-contentious drafting of your internal corporate policies for antibribery and corruption to help you control risk;
  • provide you with legal advice on giving gifts, hospitality, and donations;
  • provide legal advice on contracts which your company or organisation may wish to enter into during the course of business.

Whether the amounts or property concerned are small or large we can represent victims of bribery and corruption and claimants in civil proceedings intended to recover lost funds with an excellent standard of advocacy which is

  • fearless;
  • energetic;
  • experienced;
  • positive;
  • client focused,

and with the necessary legal expertise to assist you in recovering your lost assets.

Whether it is a class action, or an internal company investigation (when regulators have intervened) we can assist you with experienced commercial business focused legal advice and representation which is swift strategic and tactical.

At short notice we can represent you in worldwide freezing orders, injunctions, preservation orders, and assist you to recover monies to help you restore your company’s balance sheet.

Our barristers have worked on major investigations in bribery and corruption. Please set out your query, use our short list facility, and enquiry form.

Members of our chambers who advise on bribery and corruption in a civil context are –

Miss Susan Brown.

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For more information about our members and services please contact us.

Our telephone number in Southampton United Kingdom is +44 (0) 2381 511511.

For clients wishing to have a conference in London United Kingdom then please dial the London UK appointments number of +44 (0)203 407 0047.

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