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Serious fraud

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Serious civil fraud has a devastating impact on the ability of businesses to grow and prosper in a globalised business environment with losses reaching into the billions each year.

Many individual investors can be adversely affected by serious fraud whether in their capacity, for example, as a shareholder or as a personal loan investor in a company. Global companies are affected just as much as smaller companies with an adverse effect on the share valuation of those companies and future investment in them.

Counsel at Tennyson Chambers have considerable experience in advising and representing both companies, LLP’s and individuals who have suffered losses through serious civil fraud either personally or from their businesses whether it be from a time share property fraud or from an investment fraud.

Cases have included, but are not limited to, property and investment frauds which have taken place abroad and where the victims of the fraud are resident in the UK. Counsel at Tennyson Chambers have experience of representing clients in class actions to recover assets, and may act quickly, when instructed, to obtain injunctions and freezing orders as well as worldwide injunctions to assist in the preservation of assets.

Counsel are energetic in their work with a positive experienced outlook, and are available at a reasonable cost. An experienced team can be put together reasonably rapidly for your case.

The following members of chambers may be engaged for serious civil fraud work –

Susan Brown.

Please see the barrister’s page on this site for more information about the expertise of our members, and we hope you will also use the shortlist facility and the enquiry form.

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