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Proceeds of Crime

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Proceeds of crime/asset recovery is an increasing area of civil work for the chancery bar. At Tennyson we are proud that our Counsel Ms Susan Brown was chosen by the Attorney General as Panel “A” counsel for the Serious Fraud Office Proceeds of Crime Unit panel for 2009 -2012.

At Tennyson Counsel have a wealth of experience in the law relating to proceeds of crime/asset recovery, and have dealt with numerous serious proceeds of crime cases. For example –

  • The enforcement of a confiscation order involving a successful appearance in the Court of Appeal and Magistrates Court. Defendant subsequently given a 3 year prison term.
  • A 48 property serious mortgage fraud – successful outcome.
  • Crown Prosecution Service v Ronald Compton, David Coyne (as Trustee in Bankruptcy of Ronald Compton), Compton’s of Brighton Limited and Margaret Compton (2002) Court of Appeal EWCA Civil (2002) AER [D] 395 (Nov); Sole advocate. Case concerned enforcement of a restraint order in the context of bankruptcy and the Drug Trafficking Act 1994. The legal issues were which took precedence the restraint order or the bankruptcy order, and whether it was possible to pierce the corporate veil in a close company used by the Defendant for money laundering. Leading case.
  • Orders for sale of property of a foreign defendant. Involved multiple jurisdictions and external confiscation orders.
  • acting for a foreign government in a hefty external confiscation order.
  • R v Malik (2003) EWHC 660 Admin 2003 AER [D] 33 (Apr); Witness trial – successful outcome for the prosecution.
  • R v Katchis [2001] ACD 70 (witness trial – successful outcome).
  • As well as and numerous other types of applications under the Criminal Justice Act 1988, Drug Trafficking Act 1994, and Proceeds of Crime Act 2002.

Work in this area at Tennyson is not confined to work for the regulatory authorities, but in accordance with the cab rank rule cases are accepted on behalf of defendants in civil recovery matters.

Proceeds of crime legal work demands Counsel to have a breadth of experience in many areas of law as it may include cases involving insolvency, trusts, property, landlord and tenant, and company law. This breadth of experience is available at Tennyson. Some cases involve an international element including law in UK overseas territories. Again, we have counsel able to assist.

Counsel are energetic in their work with a positive experienced outlook. An experienced team can be put together reasonably rapidly for your case at a reasonable cost.

Please go to our barristers page, and use our short list facility to choose your barristers as well as our enquiry form.

The following members of chambers may be engaged for proceeds of crime cases –

Susan Brown.

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