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Rural land use

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Tennyson, although situated in Southampton, is near many rural parts of southern England on the UK south coast with –

  • farming communities.
  • large landed estates.
  • hunting grounds including the New Forest.
  • foreshore upon which disputes may arise as to ownership of land and rights over the foreshore including the rights of the Crown.
  • Common land.
  • Village greens.
  • Marine development and associated land rights.

Development of rural and sea bordering land may be controversial and unwanted by the local communities affected. There may be applications to designate inland real estate as common land or a village green to assist in preventing unwanted local development. On sea bordering land there may objections to marina development and property owners who dispute the ownership of sea facing land and the Crown’s foreshore rights. Water courses, riparian rights and land management may also an issue.

At Tennyson we are here to help and assist you receive the best possible legal advice on disputes associated with rural use of real estate. We can provide specialist first class legal advice and representation on rural land issues which is reasonably priced.

We can accept instructions from members of the public under the public access scheme where the case is suitable for public access (please see our public access pages) and from solicitors or other professionals.

To assist you in your choice of barrister please refer to our barrister pages for our barrister profiles. Please make use of the short list facility in choosing your barrister, our enquiry form, and the book an appointment facility.

At Tennyson we are also able to help you mediate your dispute. Please refer to our mediation pages and mediator’s profiles.

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