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There is currently no legal requirement for members of Tennyson Chambers to collect and publish diversity data.

Members of the practising self-employed bar are regulated by the Bar Standards Board of England and Wales (“BSB”) whose code of conduct is contained in the Bar Handbook.

Under the Code of Conduct contained in the Bar Handbook published by the BSB each chambers is required to appoint a chambers’ Diversity Data Officer.

The Diversity Data Officer is responsible for implementing the rules relating to the collection and processing of Diversity Data, and for demonstrating compliance by providing the BSB with any documents or information reasonably requested for that purpose.

The Diversity Data Officer for Tennyson Chambers is the Head of Chambers Miss Susan Brown. Provision of diversity data is an entirely voluntary process by members of chambers.

Under the above code of conduct in the Bar Handbook chambers are not required to publish diversity data where the number of members of chambers is less than 10 members, and such data cannot be anonymised.

Detailed diversity data cannot be anonymised sufficiently in view of the small number of members of Tennyson Chambers, and there is therefore no consent to diversity data publication.

There is currently only one member of Tennyson Chambers namely the Head of Chambers who is Head of Chambers and a registered barrister falling into the senior junior category.

There are no disabled members of chambers, and no other members at present although recruitment will begin shortly.

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