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Dispute resolution

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Counsel at Tennyson have many years of successful experience in dealing with disputes concerning real estate whether it be from, for example,

  • boundary disputes.
  • rights of way.
  • rights to light.
  • restrictive covenants.
  • party wall disputes.
  • nuisance claims.
  • adverse possession of land.
  • squatting.
  • land registration issues, or
  • ownership issues.
  • Landlord and tenant.

Mediation, arbitration and early independent neutral evaluation are encouraged by the courts for successful dispute resolution without the need for the parties to engage in expensive litigation. Where land is concerned emotions can run high, and cases can often be tense involving complex issues of law and fact. Often parties are in a continuing contractual relationship or live very close to one another.

Mediation offers an opportunity for the parties to explore settlement, and find the key issues in the dispute. Barristers at Tennyson, as mediators, are here to assist all parties to resolve their dispute at a reasonable and proportionate cost, and to assist in finding a settlement which all parties will be confident about, and will find satisfactory. This from time to time may involve giving parties a reality check about their case. At Tennyson we are accustomed to dealing with expert survey evidence and expert reports such as surveyors and valuers both in the context of litigation and mediation.

At Tennyson we have experience before the adjudicator at the land registry tribunal in dealing with ownership disputes about land. If you need assistance with dispute resolution of court proceedings or proceedings before the Tribunal do not hesitate to contact us. We cover County Court and Business and Property Court real estate cases whether at regional trial centres or in London and any resulting appeals.

Our members can be instructed directly or via a firm of solicitors and your chosen barrister will be able to advise you upon whether you case is suitable for direct access to a barrister or whether you need the increased support of a firm of solicitors.

To assist you in your choice of mediator please refer to our mediator pages for our mediator profiles, and make use of the short list facility, book an appointment page, and enquiry form.

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For more information about our members and services please contact us.

Our telephone number in Southampton United Kingdom is +44 (0) 2381 511511.

For clients wishing to have a conference in London United Kingdom then please dial the London UK appointments number of +44 (0)203 407 0047.

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