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The Consumer IVA Protocol

Posted: 5th June 2021

An updated Consumer IVA Protocol 2021 has been published by the UK Insolvency Service. The new protocol contains a set of general principles and the following annexures –

(1) Standard terms and conditions for use in protocol compliant IVAs (Annex 1).

(2) Legal and regulatory framework (Annex 2).

(3) Template letter for consumers (Annex 3).

(4) Template proposal and table of contributions (Annex 4).

(5) Flowchart to explain the process for potential equity release (Annex 5).

(6) Table of distributions (Annex 6).

(7) Comparison table between bankruptcy and IVA expected outcomes (Annex 7).

(8) Terms of Reference (Annex 8).

The protocol is a voluntary agreement which does not override the legal and regulatory framework applicable to insolvency practitioners, but does provide a standard framework for insolvency practitioners and creditors when dealing with consumer IVA’s. Please click here to read the press release on the Protocol by the UK Insolvency Service. Please click here to go to our pages on personal bankruptcy and IVA’s.

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